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Lecture 1 : Introduction to the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Museums Field School Dr. Alexandra Denes
Lecture 2 : What is intangible heritage, and how do we safeguard it? An overview of the 2003 Convention for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage Ms. Montira Horayagura
Lecture 3 : Debate & Critiques of the ICH Concept Dr. Michelle Stefano
Lecture 4 : The role of museum in safeguarding ICH Dr. Christina Kreps
Lecture 5: New Museology, Communities, Ecomuseums Prof. Peter Davis
Lecture 6 : Promotion, Enhancement and Transmission of ICH Through Educational Activities Dr. Paritta Chalermpow Koanatakool
Lecture 7 : Identification and Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage Dr. Michelle Stefano
Lecture 8 : ICH Research and Documentation Dr. Kate Hennessy
Lecture 9 : Cultural Rights, Museums and ICH Prof. Peter Davis
Lecture 10 : Promoting Community Participation in Museum Activities Dr. Christina Kreps
Lecture 11 : Learning from the museums in the Mekong Subregion - The Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre in Laos Ms. Tara Gujadhur
Lecture 12 : Learning from the museums in the Mekong Subregion – The Mosuo in Yunnan Province, China Ms. Chunbo Xie
Lecture 13 : An Overview of ICH and Museums in Thailand Dr. Paritta Chalermpow Koanantakool
Lecture 14 : The role of museums in Safeguarding ICH - What is the role of the museum in safeguarding ICH? The relationship between tangible and intangible heritage Museums and their communities Dr.Marilena Alivizatou
Lecture 15 : Anthropological approaches and tools for the study of - Introducing Anthropological Methods & Tools Dr. Alexandra Denes
Lecture 16 : Identification as the first step to safeguarding: Participatory approaches and methods of identifying ICH - community mapping, social and cultural calendars Dr.Michelle Stefano
Lecture 17 : Promotion, Transmitting, Revitalizing and Enhancing ICH. Dr.Michelle Stefano
Lecture 18 : Research and Documentation: Editing and Producing Cultural Documentary. Dr.Kate Hennessy and Mr.Majid Bagheri
Lecture 19: Enduring places, enduring memories: Flodden Ecomuseum and Holy Island, Northumberland Professor Peter Davis
Lecture 20: Heritage policy at the Smithsonian Institution? Ms.Sita Reddy
Lecture 21: The safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Japan – Lessons from the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties Shigeyuki Miyata
Lecture 22: Audio-Visual Documentation of Performing Arts at Minpaku Dr. Shota Fukuoka
Lecture 23: Strengthening national capacities for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage: UNESCO's strategy for Asia & the Pacific Dr. Tim Curtis
Lecture 24 : Challenges and Advantages of safeguarding ICH via the museum: 3 examples from the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology Vu Phuong Nga